Monday, July 13, 2009


I don't know about you, but for me, balance is a hard thing to sustain and to obtain once I've lost it. I remember last summer I had a very close relationship with God. I was praying everyday and reading my bible.. I really feel like He was talking to me everyday. Then classes began in the fall. But I was still very balanced. I delt with school and keep close to God. Everything was well balanced. But slowly I started slipping. Soon I began thinking things like, "After I finish and hand in my 4 page paper I can focus better on God, but right now I need to get this done" and "Once the summer begins, and school is over I can focus more on God."

Wanna Know What? I was wrong. I didn't become closer to God after the paper or the homework or even when the summer started. And now it's the middle of summer vacation and I dont feel very close to God. I've disapointed myself yet again.

Something that's happened recently has forced me to realize just why I lose my balance. Lately, I've been trying to lose weight. It's been all I've been thinking about for the past month. Now I understand why my focus shifts. I feel that if I pay any less attention on school or losing weight or whatever is occupying my attention, I will drop everything. I'll fail a class or I'll lose momentum in yet another weight loss battle and gain weight.

Once I realized that deep down thats what I thought would happen, I felt like my eyes were open. I understand why my brain went in that direction but I also see how that thought process is so completely wrong!

When God is the main focus of your life, you arent going to drop anything. Having a full relationship with Jesus will make you less anxious, less worried, and better focused (in a healthy way) on all the other things. God is helping all of us carry our load. He understand when the schoold work piles up or when we aren't happy with our bodies. He doesn't want us to be stressed and miserable! He wants us to be joyful and at peace!

As I wrote that last paragraph, I had the impression that I was writing it for myself as much as for others who struggle in similar ways. God gave me a "Gibb's slap". And if you go to google and type in Gibb's slap, Urban Dictionary has the definition for those who don't know =].